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IMC Recognition

International Medical Campus (IMC) is the only accredited International Learning Center in Sri Lanka for Melaka Manipal Medical College (MMMC) and Vietebsk State Medical College (VSMU).

Thus the students applying to above universities through IMC will be benefited with special privilages.

When the students are transferred to Melaka Manipal Medical College our representatives will accompany these students to undertake all the settlement services in the university. Also these  students will be benefited with a range of additional services provided in Sri Lanka as well as in India and Malaysia.

Also when the students are transferred to Vitebsk Sate Medical College our official representatives in Belarus will assist them in various settlement services and take care of them during the entire 6 years of studies.

In addition to this IMC conducts the VSMU Pre Medicine program (International Medical Foundation-IMF) which enables the students to obtain a guaranteed admission to VSMU and Grodno State Medical University.

IMC also conducts the Foundation in Science (FIS) program offered by Malaka Manipal Medical College. This provides a pathway to MBBS program at world renowned Melaka Menaipal Medical College.

Melaka Manipal Medical College

Vitebsk State Medical University
Vitebsk State Medical University is the premier medical institution in the Republic of Belarus today. Its origin dates back to November, 1934. Vitebsk State Medical Universityis one of the most famous government Medical Universities in Belarus.


Melaka Manipal Medical College
The Melaka Manipal Medical College(MMMC) is a renowned privatemedical institution with a hallmark of academic excellence and an enviable track record in providing quality medical education.