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About International Medical Campus - IMC

International Medical Campus (IMC) is Sri Lanka’s premier provider of medical university pathway programs to world’s leading medical universities. IMC is guaranteed pathway to study medicine in world leading medical universities USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, UK, Malaysia or India.

Becoming a doctor is an aspiration for countless students the world over. Pursuing a degree in medicine can lead to both a rewarding and mentally stimulating career, in addition to offering a rich array of further career choices which are both clinical and non-clinical in nature. However, these incentives to become a doctor make medicine such a popular degree choice. Despite this popularity many students are unable to get a place in a medical school.

The demand for places at medical schools globally is increasing year on year, with many students being disappointed and missing out on a place at their university of choice. This can be due to the prevailing high competition for medical seats in respective medical universities or due to the student’s inability to meet the specified entry criteria of the medical universities. Most students become disheartened or discouraged but what they do not know is that there are plenty of other options right at their doorstep.

IMC Pre Medical Programs provide the academic bridge for students to progress successfully to undergraduate Medical studies at various medical schools. It’s a kick start to a fulfilling & and a rewarding medical career.

IMC is the only accredited International learning Center in Sri Lanka for the Edexel  A/Level embedded Foundation in Science Program of the World renowned Melaka Manipal Medical College and Vitebsk Sate Medical University in Belarus.

IMC also helps the students to find the best fit for their medical education needs abroad based on their objectives and financial strenghts. With affiliations to many SLMC ,WHO, ECFMG (USA), GMC (UK) & AMC approved universities (Australia) IMC opens the doors for the students to equip themselves with a world class medical qualification which enables them to be employed world wide.
International Medical Foundation (IMF) at IMC (International Medical Campus) gives students in these situations another chance at getting into medical schools. IMC is the International Learning Center of Vitebsk Sate Medical University in Belarus, Eastern Europe. IMC offers the same internationally recognized medical foundation program offered at Vitebsk State Medical University (VSMU) which is the winner of the Education Excellence & Innovation award at Science & Education competition organized by Socrates Committee of Oxford UK. VSMU is recognized by world leading medical regulatory authorities such as medical councils of USA, Canada, Australia & UK.

  • IMC is your guaranteed pathway to world leading medical universities in USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, UK, Malaysia or India.
  • IMC offer the academic preparation in pre-clinical & clinical sciences so that the students are well prepared for their respective medical university.
  • Experienced panel of lecturers for all preparatory & pre-medical programs conducted in Sri Lanka including leading lecturers from local universities.
  • Programs are conducted under the supervision and the involvement of foreign universities.
  • Arrangement of placement/internships for students, to enrich their application to foreign medical schools.
  • Advising students on preparation for medical school interviews
    Many pre-departure services ranging from university application to departure; including visa handling, arrangement of accommodation facilities, coordination of bank loan facilities, documents attestation facilities etc.
  • Expert team of professionals consisting of Medical Doctors and expert medical education consultants.
  • Our foreign offices located in the respective countries provide many post departure services for students during their entire study period.
  • Guidance provided for ACT 16/ERPM examinations upon completion of the Medical program